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Application of electronic control systems
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Application of electronic control systems:

Some parts of the electronic
control system of diesel generating set is good or bad, circuit is normal or not, is used to determine the parameters such as voltage or resistance. If these data, the system fault detection and judgment will be difficult, often only need a new alternative, these methods are sometimes lead to maintenance costs soared and time-consuming. The so-called first refers to the maintenance of the unit type, repair and maintenance should be ready to data information unit type. In addition to maintaining data, another effective method is to measure and record the related parameters by trouble-free unit system, the future maintenance unit of the same type of test parameters. If you focus on work, often will bring convenience system fault check.

Special note: not necessarily in diesel generator motor control system fault. If it is found that the power generator failure, failure warning light does not light, most of the cases, according to the basic fault diagnostic procedures. Otherwise, may encounter an initial and electrical control system is independent of wrong, but check the sensor of the electronic control system, actuators and electric circuit, spent a lot of time, and the real errors, but didn't find it.

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