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Proper use of diesel generator sets
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At present, the application of diesel generators is very wide, in the road traffic, manufacturing enterprises and other occasions all you can see the shadow. As a diesel generator set users, what precautions when we are using them? To extend the life of diesel generating units, the following Huaquan Power do a brief introduction.
1. After the installation of the new machine, before the start you should do the closure check,should do a star preparation work. Remember that the diesel engine must be start without load.
2. Diesel generator sets must be operated by who are familiar with the unit structure, master the safe operation to handling it.For the new or overhaul mahcine need test running for 60 hours running.
3. For the new turbocharged diesel engine or the new exchange of the turbocharger, must be unloaded on the supercharger inlet pipe fittings, filling 50 ~ 60mL of oil to prevent burning the supercharger bearing when staring.Do not allow diesel engines to be operated without air filters,prevent the dust and impurities from entering the diesel engine to prevent early wear of the diesel engine.
4. After the diesel engine starts, it should first run for 3-5min without the load, and then allow the gradual acceleration and loading until the diesel engine water temperature is higher than 75 ℃, oil temperature is higher than 50 ℃, oil pressure is higher than 0.25MPa into normal work.
5. For new or long time no use generators, must be under a rigorous inspection, the main inspection winding insulation, wiring, etc., if not, do the necessary work.
6. You should always observe the operation of diesel engine and all the instructions of the instrument during the Diesel engine working. For emergency case, emergency stop measures should be taken to prevent diesel engine spoiled by overheating or oil loss. Absolutely do not allow the use the sea water to cool the engine, if the temperature controller of the generaotor failure should be replaced in time, not casually removed.
7. When adjusting the triangular tape tension and other drive devices, should make the diesel engine in a parking state. Should always check the fastening bolts, nuts if loose.
8.After diesel engine parking, especially in cold weather and do not use antifreeze coolant should be let go of all the cooling water to prevent cracking of the machine, during the operation of the diesel engine,when filling the coolant (closed) should be careful to prevent steam wounding. It is only allowed if the water temperature is below 70 ° C to open the pressure cap .
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9.When the diesel engine is not used for long periods of time or during maintenance, in order to prevent accidental start of the diesel engine, the connection between the diesel engine and the battery should be removed. Diesel engine where there is a seal, the user can not be removed with the self-adjustment. If necessary, should be sent to the management department to repair or adjust.
10. In the filling of oil, the different specifications of the lubricating oil can not be mixed use, add the battery electrolyte, should be careful to avoid acid hurts.
11. Operation, the operator should keep a safe distance with the live equipment, and wear a protective equipment, in the event of electric shock, should quickly cut off the power switch, or with the insulation device to quickly disconnect or disengage the power supply. And then rescue, and asked the doctor to the scene to rescue.
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